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Anthurium coriaceum
Anthurium coriaceum
Anthurium coriaceum
Anthurium coriaceum

Anthurium coriaceum

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Botanical name: Anthurium coriaceum

Common name: Giant paddle leaf anthurium


Toxicity: toxic to pets, humans if ingested — insoluble calcium oxalate crystals.

Native range: Argentina, Brazil

Care requirements: 

  • Medium — bright indirect light
  • Well draining, chunky open soil
  • Low — medium humidity
  • Liquid fertilise every 2 weeks during the active growing period
  • Prefers constant even moisture, but does not like cold wet roots
  • Do not overpot

Most suitable location: East facing window is best, alternatively 1.5-2m from a north facing window, large bright south facing window also suitable

Notes: this species can be grown outdoors in a protected position during warmer months, suited to either an east or south facing, or undercover shaded north facing balcony/patio. Anthuriums do not tolerate cold wet roots, best planted in a chunky open but moisture retentive soil mix.