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Alocasia wentii
Alocasia wentii
Alocasia wentii

Alocasia wentii

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Botanical name: Alocasia wentii

Common name: Went’s alocasia, hardy or cold tolerant elephant ear, New Guinea shield


Toxicity: toxic to pets, humans if ingested — insoluble calcium oxalate crystals.

Native range: New Guinea

Care requirements: 

  • Medium — bright indirect light
  • Fast draining, moist open soil mix
  • Water thoroughly but allow to dry out well between waterings 
  • Mist regularly and frequently during warmer periods
  • Liquid fertilise every 2-3 weeks during the active growing period

Most suitable location: East facing window is most suitable, alternatively 1.5-2m from a north facing window, south facing window can be tolerated but not optimum

NOTES: This alocasia is cold hardy down to -17°C, meaning it doesn’t have a dormancy period over winter, even in Victoria. But it prefers to be on the drier side during these times.