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Environmental Policy

At The Botanic Grocer, we don’t just care about you having the right environment for your plants at home, we also care about all the plants having the right environment in their home, here on Earth.

That’s why we make every conscious decision to be as green-footed as possible.

Here’s a list of all the decisions and changes we’ve made thus far, and if you check back now and again, you’ll see this list grow, as technologies evolve and we find more ways to make greener moves:

  • We ship with Sendle — Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service
  • Our plastic nursery pots (with the diamond facets) are made from 100% recyclable plastic and can be added to your recycle bin, but if that wasn’t enough
  • We’re in the process of setting up a Nursery Po(s)t Back system, where you can opt to receive a postage-paid satchel to return our nursery pots back to us so we can sanitise and reuse them in our production growing
  • All cardboard boxes we currently use are up cycled from mail we’ve received over the years (as well as moving house), but are also recyclable
  • We’re currently sourcing new cardboard boxes (as we’re getting close to using up our back stash) made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled cardboard, which can be added to your worm farm!
  • We’re partnered with Fifteen Trees — a tree planting for carbon offset business located here in Victoria, Australia, with a percentage of all sales going towards our annual tree purchase for the times we can’t always find a green alternative
  • All shipping prices (both Sendle or AusPost Express options) include the purchase of 1 tree to be planted for carbon offset for the things we can’t control or don’t have a green alternative