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Hoya acuta ‘pink’
Hoya acuta ‘pink’
Hoya acuta ‘pink’

Hoya acuta ‘pink’

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Botanical name: Hoya acuta ‘pink’

Common name: Krimson princess hoya, wax plant, wax flower


Native range: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Care requirements: 

  • Brigh, indirect light — full morning sun indoors
  • Well draining, open soil
  • Water thoroughly but allow to dry out well between waterings, water sparingly during winter
  • Mist in warmer weather
  • Liquid fertilise every 2-3 weeks during the active growing period, especially when flowering

Most suitable location: North / north-east / west facings are preferable for hoya as they require warmth, some direct sun tolerated. If placing in a west-facing window that gets direct afternoon sun use a sheer curtain to prevent foliage damage or position within 1-2m from the window.

Notes: Produces clusters of star-shaped waxy flowers in late spring and early summer. Hoyas Ned to be tight in their pot and should only be repotted arpprox. every 2-3 years. Warmth and pot-boundedness is required for flowering. Hoyas must be fertilised during flowering period to ensure blooms are fulfilled.