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Begonia sp. — cane type
Begonia sp. — cane type
Begonia sp. — cane type
Begonia sp. — cane type

Begonia sp. — cane type

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Botanical name: Begonia sp. (possibly a hybrid)

Common name: angel wing begonia, cane begonia


Native range: unknown, possibly in cultivation.

Care requirements: 

  • Medium — bright indirect light
  • Well draining, open soil
  • Water thoroughly but allow to dry out well between waterings, water sparingly during winteR
  • Liquid fertilise every 2-3 weeks during the active growing period, especially when flowering

Most suitable location: East, north-east or south facings are preferable, some direct morning sun is tolerated. If placing in a west-facing window that gets direct afternoon sun use a sheer curtain to prevent foliage damage or position within 1-2m from the window.

Notes: a cool hardy begonia tolerant down to -1°C with impressive transparent leaves, giving it both its hybrid and common names of cathedral (often incorrectly but understandably sold as ‘cathedral window’) and stained glass begonia. This hybrid was created in Australia in 1966 by Steve Talnadge.